Stocking Stuffers

Filling up a Stocking is always one of my favorite things to do! I love finding unique candies, practical items and of course those OMG where did you find this items haha! Shop all of my favorites above and even more in the widget!

  1. O-Venture Key Ring– This is a MUST have! I even travel with one of these rings if I know I will be renting a car. They make finding your keys so much easier and I love that you can throw them on your wrist so that you are hands free! They come in tons of colors and a GREAT gift!
  2. Fun Chocolates– I ordered some of these chocolates immediately to give them a taste test haha. The lipstick shape is downright adorable and I plan on throwing a couple of these in with my girlfriends gifts too.
  3. Socks- A very practical, but appreciative gift. You can get playful ones like THESE or practical like these. I also love gifting knee high socks during the holidays.