Gifts For Co-Workers



We spend more time with our work families than we do with our actual families! I always love to gift my co-workers a small something for the holidays. You will find my top picks above in the collage and even more favorites in the widget below.  Below are also a couple ideas you can make at home!

  1. Yule Fuel– Grab a couple different bags of holiday candy and fill up these bags with the mix. I then print off “Yule Fuel” on round stickers (you can make these festive too) an then place on the bag. You can use a nut mix/trail mix too for the co-workers that do not have a sweet tooth. I also love the idea of giving out protein bars with a stick wrap saying “Yule Fuel.”
  2. Lotion/Hand Sanitizer– I wrap up the cute small bottles of hand sanitizer and lotion from Bath and Body Works in a gift bag. While the holiday season is the BEST season it is ALSO flu season haha.
  3. Festive Mason Jars– Get these mason jars and fill them up with candy, a s’mores kit, etc.  I then place a piece of red fabric at the top and then two cotton balls glued to the front to mimic a snowman! You can also do a reindeer too!

*These are also gifts I do for my UPS/FEDEX/USPS drivers during the holidays! I set out a clear tub with drinks, candy and a few of the above items for them!